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Journalism of Things Conference 2021
Where the Internet of Things and Journalism Meet. March 18th, 2021, live from Stuttgart, broadcast via Zoom.

Journalism of Things occurs when sensors that collect data, and the modern technology that helps evaluate it, come together with a journalistic flair for contemporary themes. The result: innovative and relevant reporting on almost every conceivable topic. The Journalism of Things Conference (JoT-CoN) in Stuttgart was the first Journalism of Things conference in Europe in 2019 and is set to be one of the most innovative journalism conferences again this year. This time around, the focus is specifically on JoT projects that can be implemented in concrete terms. Participation is open to everyone - from amateurs to professional programmers. No special technical knowledge is required.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we are running the conference in a password-protected Zoom meeting. Because Jot-CoN is a non-profit event and we are supported by sponsors, we offer two different tickets: one to watch and one to participate. Participants can re-watch all videos afterwards. Conference languages: English and German.

Get Involved
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Due to COVID-19, the Journalism of Things Conference 2021 will take place via Zoom. Participants will receive access details by email. There are two types of ticket: Basic Ticket, which entitles you to use all streams; or Plus Ticket, where holders get a hardware package with which they can immediately start tinkering in the workshops.

Basic Ticket: €25

Access to all talks and workshops, also available as recordings after the conference.

Plus Ticket: €75

Access to all talks and workshops, also available as recordings after the conference. Plus a hardware package worth €150. This includes all the components needed for the workshops: an Octopus board; a sensor for a CO2 traffic light; a speedometer; a fitness bracelet; components for collecting and measuring microplastics.

The 2021 program
Learn, Discuss, Participate. The program is divided into two lanes: panel discussions and workshops. You can join the discussion anywhere and everywhere. If you want to get your hands dirty and tinker with some hardware, you need the Plus Ticket.
Discussions and Presentations
Journalism of Things and Coronavirus
// Guido Burger, Maker -
// Dirk Brockmann, Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Chair: Dr. Jan Georg Plavec, Stuttgarter Zeitung / Stuttgarter Nachrichten
Animals, Parking Lots, Sensations
// Martin Wikelski, Max-Planck-Institut
// Hans Hack, Webentwickler
Chair: Bertram Weiß, GEO-Redakteur
Forensics in the Smart Home
// Marco Maas, Datenfreunde GmbH
// Surya Mattu, The Markup
Chair: Eva Wolfangel, Freelance Journalist
How Do I Convince My Bosses?
// Vanessa Wormer, SWR X Lab
// Uli Köppen, BR Data, AI + Automation Lab
Chair: Hendrik Lehmann, Der Tagesspiegel
// Dr. Jan Georg Plavec, Stuttgarter Zeitung / Stuttgarter Nachrichten
// Dr. Jakob Vicari,
// Hendrik Lehmann, Der Tagesspiegel
// Isabelle Buckow, Freelance Reporter
IoT for Dummies
// Guido Burger, Maker -
// Dr. Jakob Vicari,
JoT-CoN 2019 looked like this:
Who will be speaking at JoT-Con 2021?
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